Tailor-made Integrated System for Customers

  • Installs, owns, and finances the solar energy system
  • Maintains and operates the system

Comprehensive Sustainable Solutions

  • Handles the project from start to finish
  • Transferring experiences and knowledge
  • Provides maintenance and monitoring services

Going Solar with Zero Investments

  • Purchase a solar energy system with NO CAPEX
  • Pay the solar developer a rental fee based on the amount of energy produced

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

  • Excess energy will be exported to the grid
  • Excess energy will also be transferred back for electricity supply

Earn from SUN Energy with Zero Investment

One-stop solution for solar energy system installation projects, offering Commercial and Industrial customers the option of going solar with no upfront cost

Site Analysis

The initial and crucial step in designing a solar energy system is selecting a suitable location.

Design & Permitting

We will provide you with technical details, including a site plan, system design schematics, an electrical wiring diagram, and certification documents for the components used in your system to obtain the necessary permits.


Our financing options are designed to assist businesses in obtaining the funds they require to purchase a solar energy system.

Procurement & Installation

As a solar energy system project developer, we have the responsibility of handling the entire procurement, installation, and quality management of the solar energy system.


Commissioning is the process of ensuring that all components within a system are working correctly after installation.


Cleaning and inspection are the only regular maintenance required for your solar energy system. As long as the system is in good working order, no additional maintenance is required throughout the year.

Tjiwi Kimia Achieves Milestone with Indonesia's Largest Rooftop Solar Energy System: A 9.8 MWp Initiative in the Pulp & Paper Industry.


Tjiwi Kimia, a global paper manufacturer, underscores sustainability with its solar initiative. The system, comprising 17,854 panels integrated into 11 buildings, maximizes space utilization while minimizing the impact on green areas. Notably, the solar energy system has a capacity of 9.8 MWp, making it the largest operational system in the industrial sector.