19 January 2024

SNN Installs Solar Power Systems at Aeon Mall Facilities in Indonesia

Sojitz Corporation (Sojitz) is collaborating with Aeon Mall Co., Ltd. (Aeon Mall) via Sojitz equity method affiliate PT Surya Nippon Nusantara (SNN) on the installation of a rooftop solar power system at Aeon Mall BSD City (BSD City), Aeon Mall’s first location in Indonesia. The solar power project aims to reduce CO2 emissions using renewable energy and is scheduled to begin operations in January 2024.

Solar panels with a total area of approximately 4,244 square meters will be installed on the BSD City roof and will have an expected annual output of 1,161 MWh. The solar panel system is anticipated to reduce the mall’s annual CO2 emissions by roughly 712 tons. In addition, Sojitz and Aeon Mall have begun installation of another solar power generation system via SNN at the new Aeon Mall Deltamas facility. Aeon Mall Deltamas is currently under construction and will be Aeon Mall’s fifth location in Indonesia.

As part of Aeon’s Decarbonization Vision 2050 established in 2018, Aeon is working to transition to CO2-free electricity at Aeon malls by 2025 and is gradually shifting to a local production and local consumption model through methods including power purchase agreements (PPAs). Aeon Mall aims to complete this transition and achieve 100% energy self-sufficiency through local production and consumption of renewable energy at its directly managed mall facilities in Japan by 2040. Aeon operates four malls in Indonesia and will continue to proactively leverage renewable energy at these facilities to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society.

In addition to its rooftop solar power projects, Sojitz will continue to develop business in Indonesia through SNN in areas including storage batteries, EV-related businesses, energy efficiency services, and zero-emission fuel supply services such as hydrogen, ammonia, and biofuel. Sojitz aims to support the decarbonization efforts of its customers by providing comprehensive decarbonized energy solutions.

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