Introducing Surya Nippon Nusantara

About SNN

SUN Energy and Sojitz have formed a powerful Joint Venture, dedicated to offering rooftop solar energy solutions to commercial and industrial clients in Indonesia. Our innovative approach eliminates the need for customers to invest upfront, as we provide a zero CAPEX solution. 

By harnessing the sun's energy, businesses can significantly reduce electricity expenses and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Our ultimate aim is to actively contribute to building a decarbonized society, not only through rooftop solar power but also by offering a range of energy solutions like BEMS, EV-related services, and ESCO/Energy saving services.


Company Profile

If you're interested in gaining deeper insights into our company, we invite you to download our comprehensive company profile. Simply click the link below to access the document and discover more about our services, expertise, and achievements.




Our Solutions

Tailored to Your Industrial Clean Energy Needs

We provide tailor-made solutions designed to meet your clean energy needs in your industry.

Utilized Technology from Top Brands

We harness the power of state-of-the-art technology from industry-leading brands to drive innovation and propel your business forward.

Enable to Your Company to Focus It's Core Business

Allowing you to redirect your focus and valuable resources to the core business activities that drive profitability.

Manage Your Energy Costs Easily

Simplify the process of managing your energy costs with our user-friendly solutions.

Free Installation & Maintenance

Enjoy the benefits of free installation and maintenance with our services.

Our Key Advantages

Rooftop Solar Energy Solution

Covering the CAPEX and OPEX

We take care of the upfront investment and ongoing maintenance expenses associated with solar panels.

Affordable Electricity Generation

By utilizing our solar panels, our clients can use electricity generated from clean and renewable energy sources at a lower cost.

Environmental Impact

Switching to solar power enables our customers to actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

An Innovator

An innovator in the solar energy industry is a forward-thinking company or individual that pushes the boundaries of solar technology.

Solar Energy Key Players

The key players in the solar energy industry that serve as pioneers and innovators in the development of solar energy technology.



Integrated Solar Solutions

One-stop solution for solar energy system installation projects, offering Commercial and Industrial customers the option of going solar with no upfront cost. 


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Our Partners

We are using high-tech components in solar PV systems takes renewable energy to the next level. By integrating advanced technologies, these systems optimize efficiency, enhance performance, and improve the overall reliability of solar power generation.


Our Notable Solar Energy System Project


shopping mall commercial building ongrid
The installation of a rooftop solar power system at Aeon Mall BSD City, the first Aeon Mall located in Indonesia.

Our Projects Location