SUN Energy is Committed to Sustainability

  • Promoting the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies is central to our missions as a renewable energy company.
  • Our sustainability efforts are focused on three major areas: climate protection and energy conservation, clean water, and public education.
  • To date, SUN Energy's business of generating solar energy for our clients has resulted in a reduction of approximately 12,200 tons of carbon emissions.
  • We have assisted in providing clean energy access in rural Indonesia through sustainable off-grid solar energy for public facilities such as schools, mosques, and clinics.
  • These initiatives provide communities with new opportunities to escape the effects of poverty by generating income, improving health care and education, and protecting the environment.
  • We encourage our employees to live and work in a sustainable manner, and we offer opportunities for them to reduce their emissions by working from home whenever possible.

Approach to Sustainability

Equal Opportunity

Promote equality in order to develop and live in prosperity for all members of the organization

Inclusive Partnership

Build collaboration with various organizations that are united in their support for the SDG's achievements.

Collaborative Contribution

Working beyond the organization's internal interests, foster collaboration to have a greater impact on society and the environment.