Slide industrial5 Going Solar is Easy
with Zero Upfront Cost
Going solar with SUN Energy’s innovative financing scheme and lock-in low electricity rates!

SUN Energy pioneers the 0% Investment financing scheme in Indonesia. We will fund the initial payment for the solar system installation. Our clients can enjoy the benefit of saving electricity cost up to 30% right away without any upfront cost.

SUN Energy offers other innovative financing schemes tailored to our client’s needs for a hassle-free solar journey.

Innovative Financial Models


3 - 6 YEARS
Going solar with affordable upfront
cost and save more money*
  • Ownership After Lease Completion
  • Monthly Payment

    Interest rate
  • Upfront Cost

    0-20% down payment and
    partial prepayment options
  • Energy Monitoring App
  • Maintenance Option
  • Product Warranty**
  • Power Output Warranty**


15 - 25 YEARS
Going solar with no upfront cost
and lock-in low electricity rates.
Pay for produced energy with
0 - 3% annual increment****
  • Ownership After Lease Completion
  • Monthly Payment

    Pay for energy produced,
    with 0-3% annual increase***
  • Upfront Cost

    No upfront cost, save up to 10%
    on your utility rate
  • Energy Monitoring App
  • Maintenance Option
  • Product Warranty**
  • Power Output Warranty**


Direct Purchase
See immediate monthly savings
on your electricity bill*
  • Ownership After Lease Completion
  • Monthly Payment

  • Upfront Cost

    Direct savings from day one
    (10- 30% on utility rate)
  • Energy Monitoring App
  • Maintenance Option
  • Product Warranty**
  • Power Output Warranty**

*Depends on client’s electricity tariff | **Specific terms and conditions apply | ***Depends on PLN rate | ****Specific terms and conditions applied

Solar Journey with 0% Investment

1. Solar Project Developer
- Owns, finances, and installs the solar PV
- Operates and maintains the system
2. Solar PV System
- Design to commissioning
- Maintenance and monitoring
- Can be transferred upon expiry
3. Going Solar with 0% Investment
- Get solar system with NO CAPEX
- Pay rental payment to solar developer based on energy output
4. Save Electricity Cost
- Excess will exports to the grid
- And wil be transfer back for electricity supply

Reap the Benefits of SUN Energy 0% Investment

SUN Energy solar system solutions came with whole package bundling pre and after sales service for all your businesses electricity needs

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“Salah satu tantangan untuk beralih ke sumber energi bersih seperti energi surya ini membutuhkan dana yang cukup besar. Dengan opsi model pembiayaan dari SUN Energy yang memungkinkan kami untuk memiliki sistem PLTS Atap tanpa investasi, merupakan solusi yang menjawab tantangan yang kami hadapi,"

Osmar Sihite,
Engineering Manager PT Bumi Mulia Indah Lestari

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As a leading Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) in Indonesia, focusing on solar energy system, SUN Energy continues to champion the importance of affordable, reliable, sustainable, and eco-friendly energy for all.


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