18 - 18 Dec 2023

Appreciating the Performance of Business Partner Networks, SUN Energy Holds SUN Partner Year-End Appreciation

Roosevelt, Jl. Pangeran Antasari No.60 RT.5/RW.9, Cipete Utara

SUN Energy, the leading solar energy development company in Indonesia, held the year-end event "SUN Partner Year-End Appreciation" to recognize and appreciate the performance of business partners who are members of the SUN Partner program. This program serves as a platform for SUN Energy's business partners, known as SUN Partners, to support the expansion of solar energy usage in the commercial and industrial sectors. The event, held on December 18, 2023, was lively and accompanied by various expressions of appreciation aimed at SUN Partners who had made significant contributions.

Watch the highlights of the 2023 SUN Annual Partnership Gathering here:
SUN Annual Partnership Gathering 2023


The appreciation given to SUN Partners reflects SUN Energy's gratitude for their consistency and significant contributions to developing solar energy system projects. The SUN Partner Year-End Appreciation not only involves SUN Partners but also receives support from SUN Energy's technology partner, Huawei. Huawei has consistently supported various solar energy projects implemented by SUN Energy. The success of these projects signifies the synergy between SUN Energy and Huawei in providing innovative solutions to meet renewable energy needs in the country.


Conducting business collaboratively and inclusively has become a guiding principle for SUN Energy, a company dedicated to accelerating the energy transition in Indonesia. Through the activities conducted, SUN Energy aims to continue fostering the growth of the solar energy industry alongside its partners, the SUN Partners. This event not only strengthens relationships with business partners but also celebrates shared achievements and plans strategic steps for the future. Consequently, this annual event is not only a significant moment in the company's calendar but also a foundation for the sustainable growth of the renewable energy industry in Indonesia.