The new and renewable energy (EBT) business continues to grow along with technological developments and the challenges of climate change. One of the new players targeting the energy business potential is PT Surya Utama Nuansa (SUN Energy).

The Indonesian company noted the increasing trend of demand for solar panel pairs.

President Director of SUN Energy Roy Wijaya said that the company recorded a growth in demand for solar power system installations of almost 40 percent compared to the previous year’s realization.

Roy added that this request includes on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid installations in all regions in Indonesia. “We have succeeded in installing solar power systems in more than 15 institutions, including government agencies, industrial and commercial segments, and higher education institutions,” he said in a discussion in Jakarta, Thursday (15/10/2020).

One of these companies is Fonterra Indonesia, which installed a solar panel with a capacity of 381.84 kWp by utilizing an area of ​​3,350 m2 or about 85% of the total roof area.

Fonterra Indonesia Plant Manager Mohammad Aslam emphasized that the installation of this PLTS roof is estimated to produce energy efficiency of up to 478,500 kWh per year.

“We succeeded in installing PLTS roof with a capacity in the first month. We have received energy efficiency and costs of 30%. The installation of this PLTS roof is estimated to produce energy efficiency of up to 478,500 kWh per year. What makes us proud is that this installation is completed 50% faster than the time taken. We determined that this was done during a pandemic with zero accidents, and all parties involved have been declared healthy to this day, “he said.

For your information, SUN Energy is one of the solar power system project developers in Indonesia, which has pocketed a solar power project of 50 MWp in the four years since its establishment in 2016.


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