132 MWp Merredin Solar Farm Signing
SUN Energy Acquire The Largest Solar Farm in Western Australia

SUN Energy enters into an agreement to acquire the largest Solar Farm in Western Australia, cementing a foothold in APAC’s most advanced Renewable Energy Market Singapore, 28 October 2021: SUN Energy has signed a binding agreement, subject to conditions, to acquire 100% of the assets of the 132 MWdc / 100 MWac Merredin Solar Farm

SUN Energy Joins Asia’s Largest Social Finance Network

SUN Energy is proud to be a member of AVPN (Asia Venture Philanthropy Network), a funder's network and ecosystem builder for the social investment community with more than 600 members globally, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The COVID-19 pandemic is a clarion call for greater collaboration between businesses, philanthropists, governments, and social purpose

Soaring Demand, Sun Energy Boosts Solar Panel Installation

The new and renewable energy (EBT) business continues to grow along with technological developments and the challenges of climate change. One of the new players targeting the energy business potential is PT Surya Utama Nuansa (SUN Energy). The Indonesian company noted the increasing trend of demand for solar panel pairs. President Director of SUN Energy

Increasing Demand and Use of Renewable Energy

The prospect of developing renewable energy in Indonesia is considered to have great potential. Moreover, the government has made renewable energy a priority agenda for current energy development in the future. This opportunity was captured by PT Surya Utama Nuansa (SUN Energy), which continues to innovate in providing affordable technology for renewable energy. As one

Inauguration of PLTS ITERA: SUN Support for the Education Sector

In an effort to realize the use of clean energy, a solar power plant (PLTS) project will soon be built on an area of 1 hectare owned by Itera (the Sumatra Institute of Technology) in Lampung Province. In mid-August 2020, three parties consisting of PT Surya Utama Nuansa (SUN Energy), Itera, and Wijaya Karya Energi

As a leading Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) in Indonesia, focusing on solar energy system, SUN Energy continues to champion the importance of affordable, reliable, sustainable, and eco-friendly energy for all.


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