Hybrid Solar Waterpump

The use of fossil fuel is still the primary energy source for daily business operations. Nonetheless, fossil fuel is not environmentally friendly nor renewable, thus causing climate change with clear repercussions. At the moment, there are many businesses operating in remote areas, such as mining and plantation industries, where they depend on the diesel generator to supply electricity to prevent the disruption of day-to-day activities or business operations. However, the fluctuating costs of fossil fuel that typically trend upwards can cause difficulty in projecting operational costs. On top of that, if diesel generators are continuously used without the appropriate care, this can reduce the efficiency of fossil fuel.

SUN can provide a solar system-based solution that maximizes production results in mining and plantation industries by combining conventional energy and the latest technological innovations. One of SUN’s innovative solutions, which is a solar water pump, utilizes solar energy and converts this into electricity to operate water pumps that draw water from its sources to the surface or into storage tanks. Solar water pumps can be installed in various remote areas, such as agriculture fields, plantations, and fisheries, that may not have access to the local electricity network to maximize operational activities into becoming more efficient.

PT SMART Tbk, a client of SUN, has installed solar water pumps that utilize the two sources of energy, which are solar panels and diesel generators in their oil palm plantations located in Bangka. Palm oil producers often face issues with the scarcity of water supply for their plantations during the dry season that lasts from June to September, resulting in an increase in crop failure by 30%. In 2019, SUN installed an irrigation system and solar water pumps with a capacity of 72.6 kWp that covered an area of 1,190 m2.

With the irrigation system and solar water pumps installed in their oil palm plantations, PT SMART Tbk has saved approximately Rp 220 million per year, which equates to Rp 2.2 billion in 10 years. Additionally, crop failure decreased significantly by up to 15%, while plantation increased by Rp 3.5 billion within the 24-hectare area. “After seeing the success with our plantation in Lampung, we believe that the team at PT SUN can be depended upon to successfully carry out our project in Bangka,” said Marcelius Kurniawan, one of the senior associates at PT SMART Tbk.

Besides saving on operational costs and maximizing benefits, environmentally friendly solar energy can be used as a high-quality and dependable long-term business solution.

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