As a pioneer of solar panel projects around Indonesia, PT Surya Utama Nuansa or “SUN”, fully supports the initiatives of the United National Global Compact (UNGC), an international organization under the United Nations (UN), to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by becoming a member of the UNGC along with 1,500 members among 150 countries.

SUN is committed to implementing the Ten Principles of the UNGC in the fields of Human Rights, Labor, Environmental Protection, and Anti-Corruption. In carrying out business operations, SUN will continue to positively contribute towards society by treating employees ethically, while also operating according to principles that are considered globally ethical.

SUN will continue to educate Indonesians by creating a sustainable future that utilizes clean energy through means of solar power. Issues such as climate change and its impact are the center of which SUN determines business activities and decisions to successfully contribute towards a better future on both local and global scales. 

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As a leading Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) in Indonesia, focusing on solar energy system, SUN continues to champion the importance of affordable, reliable, sustainable, and eco-friendly energy for all.

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